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Madras JUG developer day 2016 - sessions list

us: A Survey of Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) Libraries for Android and iOS, Apple Event in Review: Smaller, More Powerful Hardware, New Security and Health Software, and Super Useful PHP Snippets.
When : April 2, 2016
Location: Vamsoft Technology & consultancy
                            Map: https://goo.gl/maps/dHHyN1e6JkE2
                Register herehttp://goo.gl/ZNbcZN

Madras JUG Developer Day

Retro Gaming with Java, JavaFX,and Raspberry Pi
·   How to build your own retro handheld console that runs on Raspberry Pi
·  Hacking Java on Raspberry Pi
·  Rigging input devices with Pi4j

Functional Programming in Java
·         Overview on function programming
·         Functional programming in the context of Java
·         Java 8 code examples for functiona lprogramming

John eipe
Taming text using solr
·         What is text search
·         How we can use Solr for text search

JSP Expression Language
·         Expression language overview
·         Create custom EL grammer

Concurrent programming with Java
·         What is concurrent programming
·         How to use Java language for doing concurrent programming

Playing Ionic with Java REST service
·         Develop REST service with Java
·         Deploy REST service into Openshift cloud
·         Develop a UI application with Ionic framework by consuming the REST service

Insane performance tuning on the JVM
·         Performance tuning tips on JVM


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